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Starting Fresh

2015-06-22 02:23:02 by KarmaKarnage

I'll be posting some art real soon; I just finished with a color and design class.


As much as I'd like to post regularly these classes have been keeping me busier than I thought. Now that I got all my general courses out of the way though that means more art classes, which means more art. You know it's funny how much I have't been animating despite getting a degree in animation. Though my drawing has come a long way I don't really have much to show for it, especially in the way that i want to show it through movement. My sketchbook was criticized at the end of class for having mainly doodles and cartoons with one or two observational drawings which I understand, art teachers want to see lots and lots of life art, designs, and observations no matter what they teach or the degree your going for. I'm not crticizing them that stuff is important and i've been busting my ass working on that stuff. My sketchbooks are a mess with drawings all over the place so awhile ago I bought a new one and dedicated it strictly to life drawings, figure, etc.


I just wish I coudv'e better explained why I didn't want to show her that one because it wasn't finished I get real nitpicky about that stuff.


All that boring stuff aside I will be animating during this summer statistics class in my free time and whatever comes out, comes out. Also my username might be changing as well not like that's important to anyone really there's only like 3 people that follow this stuff but the truth i'm tired of my real friends making fun of this name so i'm probably changing it.



Spring Break is giving me a lot of the freetime I've been wanting to just sit down and draw.


Just put up some art and i'm hoping to make like a 30 sec short or maybe even something shorter. I wouldn't count on myself to make something before spring ends but maybe when summer break comes up something should be done in that time.



Saw the Oscar nominated animated shorts and I would really like to see 'The Dam Keeper' win. Anyone else agree?


It was amazing seeing it on the big screen I was completely blown away. My biggest dream now would to have been working with that team of animators on that short. I feel so close to reaching that level, if I could just master coloring I'd be the most confident artist in the world.


not the best, but confident.

The 1st of what?

2014-12-31 01:04:22 by KarmaKarnage

Well its officially been new years eve for about hour where i'm at right now and i'm still debating whether or not it was a productive one. Being fond of lists and acronyms, here's a list of what i've done

- I decided I wanted to be an animator and made 2 shorts the 1st taking 2 months and the 2nd taking a single month

- I decided I needed to work on my animating and started experimenting with animation while never actually putting out anything

- I story boarded three 5 min shorts and an animatic for a 30 sec. one; none of which will probably ever be finished for certain reasons

- After being told my storyboards and anatomy were terrible I set out to improve my drawing even more completely disregarding animation and began taking figure drawing

- While my drawing and sketching has greatly improved I have failed to complete any pictures showing off these new skills and have continued to lack when it comes to coloring


Well at least my drawing has come a long way but until I start making stuff again It's really hard to back up what I say when I don't have anything to show for it.


So in that case I don't think im going to post anything for awhile until i'm fully fuctional and be back with a bunch of stuff. This year definatley hasn't been easy and I wasn't really expecting it to be, but it's definatley harder when you know you're behind all the other people at your age. I know i'll make it there one day though, otherwise i'll just join the army or something.


Big thanks to DjGubkafish for all his help, and anyone who bothered to favorite me or read this post.

I promise I'll be back next year with some of the best shit you've ever seen





2014-12-26 00:05:43 by KarmaKarnage

Christmas has come to a close,


Couldn't get as much animating much less drawing I wanted to during the break, but you know life's funny like that. Sometime's I can completely fool myself around this time of year thinking that things will turn out ok in the end and that something unexpectedly amazing will happen like becoming that person I've always wanted to be. Then I remember who I am and I tell myself better luck next year.


Life can be pretty funny like that.



Figure Drawing/I'm back to Animating again!

2014-12-03 20:06:42 by KarmaKarnage

I took my first open studio figure drawing session and I have to say that it was pretty much what I expected it to be. Now I know that may sounds like a douchey thing to say so let me start this story off by saying that I got a lot of experience from that one session alone and I will be doing figure drawing sessions on a weekly basis.


When I say it was pretty much what I expected I mean that I wasn't nervous or anything. I guess I been prepping for it for so long I was completley ready to see a 65 year old naked dude. What did surpise me was that there was an artisit from Disney there but I didn't ask him much because he comes by often and it already seemed like he was being swarmed by others. Now for anyone interested in figure drawing that's reading this and has never done it before let me make a few things clear. To start an open studio figure drawing session is a thing where you bring your own supplies and you pay a small fee while whoevers hosting the session provides you with a model that you can draw, you're usually timed on each pose but other than that there's no clear guidance it's not like a class or anything. Never be apprehensive of figure drawing anyone will tell you that once you start drawing you'll forget why you were even nervous in the first place.


I mean unless you get squeemish and vomit around nude people then there's a problem, but go for it anyways.


It was pretty fun, I met people that I really felt I could relate too, you know, the kind of people who love video games, Movies, Netflix, and can appreciate the subtle atmosphere a cartoon gives more than reality tv shows (Translation-people who like to watch cartoons intstead of two and a half men, the big bang theory, Cops, and various dramas. I'm just trying to make it sound smart). The model like I said was a 65 year old skinny dude with a slight beer belly which I expected because I live in Florida and that pretty much describes the whole population. He was a nice guy, when I drew him though I was so confused by the curves of his belly there's like 3 drawings I did where he looks really fat. It's not his fault it's mine but i'm hoping to fix that over the next few years. I can't say much else about it, I did really poorly with the hands on some poses and the feet and others but its a start. 


Now that i'm taking a weekly session I can get back to animating. Sure i've been animating a little bit here and there with the 'Lip' project I never spoke of but I haven't animated in so long I tried making a gif  with a character I madeand it was just.....

Just a mess...

I've gotten back to my storyboard though which my teacher hated and what got me into figure drawing in the first place which is a not so subtle transition to the last thing I need to say.


I lied and i've been a dick without really realizing it. I mention a lot of times that i'm a novice artist but I guess just saying doesn't mean i've embraced it. There's a lot of times when I say that this isn't the best I could do, I rushed, I can do better but if I really felt that way then i guessed I've would have worked harder at it so in that sense I lied to myself. Truth is if I could do better I would, but I can't, the only thing I can do is try to improve. So from now on I'm putting everything out there even the pictures I never finished. Bathe in my noviceness, until I get better this is all I got.





2014-11-02 13:28:55 by KarmaKarnage

It's been forever since I made an actual video but since most of my time is spent on homework and figure drawing now I don't have time to do much anymore. As a response to my own inactivity i'm going to be realeasing animatics on my youtube channel along with other shenanigans I do with a computer. On Newgrounds I'll probably start relasing more character sketches along with other drawings i do.


I'm trying keep Newgrounds as my main export for finished items but since i'm really interested in collaborating with people in the future I'm trying to broaden my uploads to provide better examples of what I can do. Since I don't want my page plastered with animatics and WIP's those are all going on my youtube channel which has been very empty and I feel like I need to show it a little more love.


It really sucks when I think about how much this page should have grown in the past year, so i'm hoping this well liven things up a little bit. I'll still respect the site and make sure that anything I or anyone feels isn't good enough for the art portal will stay out of the art portal.


Well this is it...the moment I've been waiting for.


you know I keep looking at the last two cartoons I made and keep thinking about how awful they look. I mean I put hours of work into those shorts and they look like some 8 year old made them using microsoft paint. I kept thinking to myself I know I can do better and I've been drawing and animating every single day and I really thought I was improving.


I guess I was just kidding myself though. I worked really hard on this storyboard for a secret project; I was 10 pages into it when I showed my art proffessor the work I did so far and she was not at all impressed and harshly criticized it. I put a lot of time into that storyboard; this wasn't some silly cartoon with noodly armed characters and silly faces it was a legit animation with more stylized and realistic characters that I wanted to carefully plan it out and under no circumstance screw it up, but that's exactly what i did. She used a lot of words when describing my storyboard but the thing she kept repeating was that I didn't understand the human figure. Despite all that work I did, despite how many times I practiced my anatomy, I knew I just had to accept her advice and admit to myself she was right. She was the first person to ever harshly criticize something I did but it really coud've been anyone; I guess I should just count myself lucky I only did 10 pages. She's right though, absolutley right and if I don't understand the human figure then how will I ever become a great animator?


I'm not done yet though, if anything I've been waiting for this moment to come. From this moment on I will not animate anything and only focus on my figure drawing. If that's what it takes to be a great animator than I will do it. I'm going to post one more video before the year ends and then its just going to be a lot of drawing after that. I'm going to take as many classes as I can until I can come back on here and confidently say that I can draw the human body. until then I'm not going to be on newgrounds very much, but I figure if I can't post much I can at least help other's make there content. So i'm officially open to collaborate with anyone; even though I may not seem like it i'm a pretty skilled writer, and while i'm not a voice actor I do have a great mic and set up here and friends who are voice actors so I can provide that as well. On a final note I can assisst anyone with animation but I won't be doing it full time so I can only assisst in small scenes or animatics.


It may not sound like much but that's the situation i'm in. Being an artist is hard you know, but being a shitty artist is even worse.


Max and Cat on Hold

2014-09-29 13:32:02 by KarmaKarnage

I'm pretty sure it's obvious to anyone who follows me by now that there's certian cartoon that I keep saying will come out soon and then never ends up coming out.


Now at some point I was half way done with 'Max and Cat' untilI realized that I didn't like the way it turned out so I started over with a different outlining method, then I started over again because I wanted it written differently, then I started over a third time because I figured out that new lip syncing mehod with photoshop. 


None of this would be a problem if it wasn't for the fact that I recieved some depressing news a couple days ago. I was told that I can't take any animation classes because none of the credits in those classes would count towards my AA degree which I need to transfer into the college I want to get into. So for the next two years I'm stuck taking extra classes like computer programming instead of animation.  On top of this I need to make a portfolio to get into the animaton program at the university I want to go to, so I need to use my time sparingly for animation. I just don't think that the art department is going to look at Max and Cat and say "Oh yeah! this guy's getting in!," and then hit scholarship button while confetti falls from the sky and then Jesus takes me into his arms and says "you did good my son, you did good."


The point is 'Max and Cat' is not dead, but on hold for a long time. This really does suck but it doesn't mean i'm done animating. I'll have a few lip sync tests which will just be posted on my page, and I'm going to be working on a big project which is more artisitc and tasteful to the universities standards. (well not tasteful, nothing I usually make these days is tasteful, but certainly more 'artistic.')


Anyways DjGubkafish made some music for 'Max and Cat,' and while it's not wasted I want people to check out his page, listen to his music, and support him; He's really good.



A reason why my cartoons take a long time to make is because I animate completely in photoshop. My only 2 cartoons used a different program to outline things, but it was a shitty program and I thought it made my outlines shitty so I recently decided to stop using.


Now if you think animating in photoshop is hard........ it is, but i'm so use to it now adobe flash seemed a little weird to me so this "discovery," is for people who use photoshop, or people who just want to give photoshop a try.


I recently discovered that you can open up an audio file in photoshop so that you can lip sinc your characters properly. People who use flash already know about this feature because its in flash as well. because I never knew this I would have to draw each mouth frame and just assume where the words were being spoken and PRAY TO GOD that the body would move properly with the mouth (and I don't even want to begin to explain in detail what that means). if you've seen my last to cartoons out know that there jittery as fuck and that's because I could never time actions correctly with the audio or know how long an action needs to be before the next bit of audio starts, but now that I figured out I can work with the audio on a timeline I can sync up things better and make my animations a hella lot smoother and even make my workflow run a little faster.


Now for the people who already knew this and probably think i'm an idiot you gotta understand that there isn't a lot of information out there when it comes to animating with photoshop. I was serously surprised by this feature because I sincerely thought photoshop didn't have this and therefore didn't go looking for it.


If anyone else didn't know this but is interested on how to use it feel free to message me and I'll give you the details on how to open an audio file in photoshop.