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Out of Commission (my bad...)

2014-06-06 16:38:56 by KarmaKarnage

Well it's true, it's break time for me before things get super busy.


I'm about to graduate High school and head in to summer break before i go to college, And in that time span I won't be doing much work. I'll keep posting art and maybe make a few shorts on youtube that wouldn't really cut it on Newgrounds but otherwise i'm gonna be chilling at my house finising up 'Dark Souls II'.


When I get around to it i'll finish up Max and Cat as well, I feel bad enough that it's taking FOREVER but I've been swamped with studying for Finals and what not. Max and Cat will be finished though over the summer (don't hold me on that though, i'll try my best). 


Now as I said in my last post I have a habit of animating noodly armed charcters;  I'm gonna put a stop to that but there is one final project that i've worked too hard on to change the character designs. I'm officially announcing that a 6 episode series is in the works called 'A.O.S.'.


'A.O.S.' is in it's very earliest stages though I'm writiing out the story and scripts and also making chacracter charts and might get it voiced over the summer. However I won't actually be animating it until I feel confident with my animation after a few months of learning it in college; it's also good to mention it would be on my downtime. It may be a year before i'm even close to finishing the first episode and even then I want two episodes done before I start the third one so *cough* "fans," can mull over them while I work on the third one. I figured though it would be a good idea to announce it now though so people don't think i'm whipping my weiner everywhere and not working on anything.


I know this is a long post but it might be my last one for a while. I'm gonna put links to my yotub chanel and to my facboc and all that other shit in case anyone cares. but I don't think I quite have the fanbase for that to matter. The two fans I have now though are really cool people.


And remember reach for the stars and you'll at least touch the sky


I'm Out!  


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