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A Groundbreaking Discovery (for me anyways, but it might help you.....maybe)

2014-09-20 21:58:43 by KarmaKarnage

A reason why my cartoons take a long time to make is because I animate completely in photoshop. My only 2 cartoons used a different program to outline things, but it was a shitty program and I thought it made my outlines shitty so I recently decided to stop using.


Now if you think animating in photoshop is hard........ it is, but i'm so use to it now adobe flash seemed a little weird to me so this "discovery," is for people who use photoshop, or people who just want to give photoshop a try.


I recently discovered that you can open up an audio file in photoshop so that you can lip sinc your characters properly. People who use flash already know about this feature because its in flash as well. because I never knew this I would have to draw each mouth frame and just assume where the words were being spoken and PRAY TO GOD that the body would move properly with the mouth (and I don't even want to begin to explain in detail what that means). if you've seen my last to cartoons out know that there jittery as fuck and that's because I could never time actions correctly with the audio or know how long an action needs to be before the next bit of audio starts, but now that I figured out I can work with the audio on a timeline I can sync up things better and make my animations a hella lot smoother and even make my workflow run a little faster.


Now for the people who already knew this and probably think i'm an idiot you gotta understand that there isn't a lot of information out there when it comes to animating with photoshop. I was serously surprised by this feature because I sincerely thought photoshop didn't have this and therefore didn't go looking for it.


If anyone else didn't know this but is interested on how to use it feel free to message me and I'll give you the details on how to open an audio file in photoshop. 






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2014-09-21 00:52:40

Whoa, you can animate in Photoshop?
Also, I heard people can animate better with After Effects and Photoshop side by side.
Never had tried it though.