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Yeah whatever, i'll just start over...

2014-10-14 15:50:42 by KarmaKarnage

Well this is it...the moment I've been waiting for.


you know I keep looking at the last two cartoons I made and keep thinking about how awful they look. I mean I put hours of work into those shorts and they look like some 8 year old made them using microsoft paint. I kept thinking to myself I know I can do better and I've been drawing and animating every single day and I really thought I was improving.


I guess I was just kidding myself though. I worked really hard on this storyboard for a secret project; I was 10 pages into it when I showed my art proffessor the work I did so far and she was not at all impressed and harshly criticized it. I put a lot of time into that storyboard; this wasn't some silly cartoon with noodly armed characters and silly faces it was a legit animation with more stylized and realistic characters that I wanted to carefully plan it out and under no circumstance screw it up, but that's exactly what i did. She used a lot of words when describing my storyboard but the thing she kept repeating was that I didn't understand the human figure. Despite all that work I did, despite how many times I practiced my anatomy, I knew I just had to accept her advice and admit to myself she was right. She was the first person to ever harshly criticize something I did but it really coud've been anyone; I guess I should just count myself lucky I only did 10 pages. She's right though, absolutley right and if I don't understand the human figure then how will I ever become a great animator?


I'm not done yet though, if anything I've been waiting for this moment to come. From this moment on I will not animate anything and only focus on my figure drawing. If that's what it takes to be a great animator than I will do it. I'm going to post one more video before the year ends and then its just going to be a lot of drawing after that. I'm going to take as many classes as I can until I can come back on here and confidently say that I can draw the human body. until then I'm not going to be on newgrounds very much, but I figure if I can't post much I can at least help other's make there content. So i'm officially open to collaborate with anyone; even though I may not seem like it i'm a pretty skilled writer, and while i'm not a voice actor I do have a great mic and set up here and friends who are voice actors so I can provide that as well. On a final note I can assisst anyone with animation but I won't be doing it full time so I can only assisst in small scenes or animatics.


It may not sound like much but that's the situation i'm in. Being an artist is hard you know, but being a shitty artist is even worse.



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