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2014-11-02 13:28:55 by KarmaKarnage

It's been forever since I made an actual video but since most of my time is spent on homework and figure drawing now I don't have time to do much anymore. As a response to my own inactivity i'm going to be realeasing animatics on my youtube channel along with other shenanigans I do with a computer. On Newgrounds I'll probably start relasing more character sketches along with other drawings i do.


I'm trying keep Newgrounds as my main export for finished items but since i'm really interested in collaborating with people in the future I'm trying to broaden my uploads to provide better examples of what I can do. Since I don't want my page plastered with animatics and WIP's those are all going on my youtube channel which has been very empty and I feel like I need to show it a little more love.


It really sucks when I think about how much this page should have grown in the past year, so i'm hoping this well liven things up a little bit. I'll still respect the site and make sure that anything I or anyone feels isn't good enough for the art portal will stay out of the art portal.



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