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Figure Drawing/I'm back to Animating again!

2014-12-03 20:06:42 by KarmaKarnage

I took my first open studio figure drawing session and I have to say that it was pretty much what I expected it to be. Now I know that may sounds like a douchey thing to say so let me start this story off by saying that I got a lot of experience from that one session alone and I will be doing figure drawing sessions on a weekly basis.


When I say it was pretty much what I expected I mean that I wasn't nervous or anything. I guess I been prepping for it for so long I was completley ready to see a 65 year old naked dude. What did surpise me was that there was an artisit from Disney there but I didn't ask him much because he comes by often and it already seemed like he was being swarmed by others. Now for anyone interested in figure drawing that's reading this and has never done it before let me make a few things clear. To start an open studio figure drawing session is a thing where you bring your own supplies and you pay a small fee while whoevers hosting the session provides you with a model that you can draw, you're usually timed on each pose but other than that there's no clear guidance it's not like a class or anything. Never be apprehensive of figure drawing anyone will tell you that once you start drawing you'll forget why you were even nervous in the first place.


I mean unless you get squeemish and vomit around nude people then there's a problem, but go for it anyways.


It was pretty fun, I met people that I really felt I could relate too, you know, the kind of people who love video games, Movies, Netflix, and can appreciate the subtle atmosphere a cartoon gives more than reality tv shows (Translation-people who like to watch cartoons intstead of two and a half men, the big bang theory, Cops, and various dramas. I'm just trying to make it sound smart). The model like I said was a 65 year old skinny dude with a slight beer belly which I expected because I live in Florida and that pretty much describes the whole population. He was a nice guy, when I drew him though I was so confused by the curves of his belly there's like 3 drawings I did where he looks really fat. It's not his fault it's mine but i'm hoping to fix that over the next few years. I can't say much else about it, I did really poorly with the hands on some poses and the feet and others but its a start. 


Now that i'm taking a weekly session I can get back to animating. Sure i've been animating a little bit here and there with the 'Lip' project I never spoke of but I haven't animated in so long I tried making a gif  with a character I madeand it was just.....

Just a mess...

I've gotten back to my storyboard though which my teacher hated and what got me into figure drawing in the first place which is a not so subtle transition to the last thing I need to say.


I lied and i've been a dick without really realizing it. I mention a lot of times that i'm a novice artist but I guess just saying doesn't mean i've embraced it. There's a lot of times when I say that this isn't the best I could do, I rushed, I can do better but if I really felt that way then i guessed I've would have worked harder at it so in that sense I lied to myself. Truth is if I could do better I would, but I can't, the only thing I can do is try to improve. So from now on I'm putting everything out there even the pictures I never finished. Bathe in my noviceness, until I get better this is all I got.





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