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The 1st of what?

2014-12-31 01:04:22 by KarmaKarnage

Well its officially been new years eve for about hour where i'm at right now and i'm still debating whether or not it was a productive one. Being fond of lists and acronyms, here's a list of what i've done

- I decided I wanted to be an animator and made 2 shorts the 1st taking 2 months and the 2nd taking a single month

- I decided I needed to work on my animating and started experimenting with animation while never actually putting out anything

- I story boarded three 5 min shorts and an animatic for a 30 sec. one; none of which will probably ever be finished for certain reasons

- After being told my storyboards and anatomy were terrible I set out to improve my drawing even more completely disregarding animation and began taking figure drawing

- While my drawing and sketching has greatly improved I have failed to complete any pictures showing off these new skills and have continued to lack when it comes to coloring


Well at least my drawing has come a long way but until I start making stuff again It's really hard to back up what I say when I don't have anything to show for it.


So in that case I don't think im going to post anything for awhile until i'm fully fuctional and be back with a bunch of stuff. This year definatley hasn't been easy and I wasn't really expecting it to be, but it's definatley harder when you know you're behind all the other people at your age. I know i'll make it there one day though, otherwise i'll just join the army or something.


Big thanks to DjGubkafish for all his help, and anyone who bothered to favorite me or read this post.

I promise I'll be back next year with some of the best shit you've ever seen





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