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Entry #16

Starting Fresh

2015-06-22 02:23:02 by KarmaKarnage

I'll be posting some art real soon; I just finished with a color and design class.


As much as I'd like to post regularly these classes have been keeping me busier than I thought. Now that I got all my general courses out of the way though that means more art classes, which means more art. You know it's funny how much I have't been animating despite getting a degree in animation. Though my drawing has come a long way I don't really have much to show for it, especially in the way that i want to show it through movement. My sketchbook was criticized at the end of class for having mainly doodles and cartoons with one or two observational drawings which I understand, art teachers want to see lots and lots of life art, designs, and observations no matter what they teach or the degree your going for. I'm not crticizing them that stuff is important and i've been busting my ass working on that stuff. My sketchbooks are a mess with drawings all over the place so awhile ago I bought a new one and dedicated it strictly to life drawings, figure, etc.


I just wish I coudv'e better explained why I didn't want to show her that one because it wasn't finished I get real nitpicky about that stuff.


All that boring stuff aside I will be animating during this summer statistics class in my free time and whatever comes out, comes out. Also my username might be changing as well not like that's important to anyone really there's only like 3 people that follow this stuff but the truth i'm tired of my real friends making fun of this name so i'm probably changing it.




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2015-06-22 04:28:22

Yo I wish you the best of luck with your schooling and designing. Keeping that shit scheduled with your hobbies and things you like is tough cause time management is a bitch. How you liking the classes though?It sounds like tthey're at least keeping you busy and interested in what you wanna do, which is the important part (as well as learning ;P) but oh man don't even get me started on names. It took me the longest time to figure a name that i'm at least happy with, and then just continuing to keep naming the shit I create, so I feel you on that. It sounds like it pretty much have an attack plan, which is what I like to see on this site, people who know what they want and how to get it. Sorry if this was long af and I wish ya well with your journey~

(Updated ) KarmaKarnage responds:

Hey thanks man,

I like your stuff saucybird, your username as well. I hope you keep doin you man cause your stuffs great.